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Startup Scene: What I Did Next creators Malak Fouad & Chirag Desai

Startup Scene: What I Did Next creators Malak Fouad & Chirag Desai

Startup Scene interviewed me & What I Did Next creator Malak Fouad about the show, and the podcast industry:

In the last year it’s started to feel that anyone who feels like it is starting a podcast, even if they don’t have any interviewing or journalism experience - is this a case of the more the merrier or do you feel this could be negatively impacting the space?

MF: Like all new industries there is an explosion of options and content at first. With time, that tends to narrow down. We are still at the early stage in the Middle East and I say, 'the more the merrier'. At the end of the day listeners will choose what they like.

CD: Seconding what Malak said, I think it’s fantastic that more creators are coming into the space and as a result, listenership will continue to grow as each of them becomes an evangelist for the medium. There’s still a tremendous opportunity for new creators as well—remember that while there are 4 million podcasts around, less than 40% have published more than 10 episodes. I have now been in the industry for five years and helped launch more than 25 shows out of the region and produced over 625 episodes. I've realised that it comes down to your purpose which will ultimately drive your passion for the medium.

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